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From the Desk of Liam Russell
I wanted to start out by saying welcome! If you truly want to get your fiance into the USA as fast as possible then you're in the right place.

Just like you, I found the love of my life in another country. I now have a beautiful and amazing wife, Kathleen Russell. Marrying her is the best decision I've ever made. Every day is better than the last and I just can't believe how happy she makes me.

However, there was a time when I thought it would take forever for us to be together. After asking her to marry me I started looking into how I could get her back to the USA. The K1 Fiance Visa was the obvious answer but there was a lot of confusing and misleading information on the process and how to get her approved! I spent many late nights researching the process and reading about other's experiences online. 

What I found was pretty discouraging... 

Most people had been waiting at least 6 months, if not 12, to hear back from the US government just to see if they were approved for the first step! Even after that approval there's more steps that take another couple months.

I couldn't stand being away from my fiance for a few days not to mention a whole year!

I knew there had to be a better way. Something they were doing had to be wrong. So I dug in and found everything I could on the process. I even sought out and met with people locally that had been through the K1 Visa process just so I could get any information they had on it.

Well, all of this digging paid off. I filed Kathleen's fiance Visa and she was approved in 27 days! That's 85% faster than most people get approved, even when using a lawyer! The rest of the process went just as smooth. From start to finish Kathleen was in the USA in less than 4 months!

I can't imagine the torture most people must go through waiting 6 to 12 months just to hear about the status of the first step of the process. I mean, 4 months was torture enough for me and that was the fastest anyone had heard of.

My wife's cousin, from the Philippines, was impressed by our story and had recently gotten engaged to a US citizen. She couldn't stand to be away from her fiance for 6 months and possibly much, much longer! She and her fiance asked for my help and I gladly agreed. I just couldn't guarantee them the same results, as it was unheard of. I mean, I obviously did something right. Though, in the back of my mind I thought "but it could've just been a fluke!".
"Liam helped us get our application pushed through flawlessly with a quick approval!"
- Brad and Charisse G.
Guess what... It wasn't a fluke! Less than 30 days later they had their first approval and were clear to go through the rest of the K1 Visa process. The rest went just as well for them and they're now happily married and living here in the USA.

Whenever we see them they're always so happy. Their love for one another is clear, knowing that I had a helping hand in bringing them together still brings a smile to my face.

It was such a great feeling to help them that I began to wonder "How I could help others?"

Having first hand experience with how complicated the process can be I am now dedicating my life to helping others bring their fiance's to the US without all the red tape.

It's truly amazing hearing how happy couples are when they're approved so quickly, knowing that they'll be together so much sooner

If you're currently in the process of researching what you need to get your fiance here then contact me so I can ensure you're together in under 4 months. You and your fiance deserve to be together. You deserve to be happy! Don't let incorrect paperwork and slow Government response times keep you from the love of your life!
Thank you, 
Liam Russell
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